Commercial Portraits - Susan Guice | 62 Images

Primarily specializing in photography for corporate advertising purposes.  Susan works to ensure that you or your Marketing Department have the photos as quickly as possible.  We've got the studio and can even bring the studio to your workplace.

Need a photo right away? No problem, most of our photos are delivered print-ready within less than 24 hours.  

It isn't a true portrait, unless it looks like 'you'. Susan knows that each portrait has a message that it delivers. She strives to understand the client, the purpose of the photo, and match the two while also delivering the essence of the subject. 


Susan understands that non-public figures often feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Making you feel comfortable and relaxed during this process is one of her top priorities. She has a decade of experience working with both private individuals and corporate officers to achieve wonderful portraits.

Your polished look is available within 24 hours, and often is ready within an hour or two of the photo session.  

Call today for an appointment:  228-547-3474


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