Aerial Photography


Construction progress photos are a common job for our aerial photography business. Large scale industrial sites typically want monthly or bi-monthly photos to submit to government agencies, investors or financiers as construction progresses.

This is a large scale warehouse site which is currently underway. Photography from a manned aircraft is the only way to document the entire site because of its size. This photo was taken out the window of my Cessna 182 from approximately 1500 feet above the ground. This is an oblique photo - which is a photo taken from a diagonal angle out of the window of the airplane.

Although I am a commerically licensed drone pilot as well as a licensed commercial fixed wing airplane pilot, a drone cannot legally fly more than 400 feet above the ground so it would never be able to capture the overall site.

In this case, the monthly aerial photos were less than $350 for the airplane, a drone would have been more expensive anyway.